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Las Vegas
3 days ago

Heather Kerrick and the quest for a robot that learns on the job

A 6-axis robot, such as you might see in an automotive plant, is an incredibly versatile machine, capable of an almost infinite number of movements and actions. But most 6-axis robots spend their lives doing only a single specific action over and over, limited by the directions specified in their programming.

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UAVs, mixed reality, and the future of AEC

Curious about the future of UAVs in AEC? Look no further than Simon Yorke’s class from AU 2016. An advanced design technologist for Aurecon, a global engineering firm, Yorke illustrated his innovative recipe of UAVs, photogrammetry, AR, VR, ReCap, ReMake, 3dsMax,

Stephanie Wells

This Week’s 3 Must-Watch Classes

  1. Learn to adjust AutoCAD settings to plot and publish drawings effectively. Find out why although PDF is the norm, DWF is more sophisticated and has higher technical functionality.  Watch now.

2. Discover how one developer leapt from old school to new school in a single project using BIM 360 Docs –

autodesk university

What do you want to learn at AU 2017?

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season has come and gone, we’re finally used to writing “2017,” and yes—it’s time to start planning AU Las Vegas 2017. As part of our ongoing commitment to our community (yep, we’re looking at you), we want to hear your ideas, your needs,

autodesk university

Reducing our carbon footprint with recycled carbon fiber

You hear a lot about carbon fiber these days. It’s difficult to find another substance that delivers so much strength while being so light. Those characteristics make it an important material in automotive, aerospace, and other industries, because it enables us to make vehicles lighter but no less strong. The lighter the vehicle,

autodesk university

Watch the AU 2016 Opening Keynote from Las Vegas

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