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What Fully Integrated CAD and CAM has Done to the Engineering Realm

Computer aided design changed the engineering realm just a few decades ago. The latest change to the tools available to engineers is the full integration of computer aided manufacturing (CAM) into CAD programs. Let’s take a look at the biggest benefits that a CAD/CAM integrated workspace brings us as engineers.

Trevor English

Tips to Streamline Your Engineering Design Process

Engineers utilize a design process on a daily basis to turn conceptualized ideas into finite and functional components. There are plenty of prescriptive solutions to laying out the define, develop, design and test iterative engineering workflow. Given how radically one design may shift from the other, we find that prescriptive solutions don’t generally help us streamline the design process.

Trevor English

Autodesk Inventor’s AnyCAD Technology explained…

Part 1: The challenge of Product Design

I’ve been doing this for a while now… I promise I won’t subject you to any of those “back in my day” discourses, however, suffice it to say that my professional career began in the years BC. Not THAT BC, I’m not THAT old… rather BC as in Before CAD.





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