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The Engineer’s Increasing Utilization of Simulation in Modern Design

Any engineer actively engaged in any technical field today feasibly understands how significant simulation has become in the modern design process. This stretches twofold, from simulation’s improved capability to provide us with practically useful data and its increased use in the design process. Fully appreciating this modern design tool change requires that we look deeper into the state of simulation integrated CAD.

Trevor English

Product Design & Manufacturing Collection Skills Challenge

Do you have a quick tip using one of the products in the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection (PDMC)? Cut a 60 second tip video for a chance to win $500!

It’s time that all those tricks you have learned over the years start to pay off! Take what you’ve learned using one (or more) of the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection products,


Autodesk Inventor: 18 Years of Innovation

Over the last 18 years, Autodesk has made thousands of changes – both large and small – to Inventor to guarantee it always included the newest and most innovative technology. The move to a Subscription-based model ensured that users would always have immediate access to these updates and today customers are adopting the Inventor subscription updates at a rate twice that of historical releases.


A CAD Engineering Approach to Rare Warbird Conservation

One of my passions/hobbies, when I am not working at Autodesk, is collecting old aircraft blueprints from World War 2.  I am enamored by the mechanics, aerodynamics, etc. of these old planes. Recently I have been defining a P-51 Mustang in Inventor, with all the datum points from the front of the aircraft to the rear of the tail. 





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