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Model Based Definition in Autodesk Inventor

Part 1: The Problem We’re Trying to Solve

For decades, the manufacturing industry has relied on 2D drawings, and struggled with interpretation and communication issues that go along with it. Although they’re deep-rooted in most companies, 2D drawings-based processes require human interpretation and are hence error-prone. Also, they do not lend themselves well for paradigms in Industry 4.0.


Overcoming Designing for Manufacturability with Additive Manufacturing

Design for manufacturability is a proactive process used to maximize the design of components for the intended manufacturing process. Let’s take a look at how we can use this process can be improved or eliminated with the use of additive techniques.

Looking over the typical manufacturing processes of machining,

Trevor English

Inventor 2018: It’s Here!

Inventor 2018 will start officially rolling out today. Thousands of you have met with our development team, and tried out alphas and betas over the past year. You have shared your thoughts and made your mark on the Inventor 2018 release. We can’t thank you enough for the feedback. We’ll be digging into specific enhancements over the next few weeks,


Where is the Additive Manufacturing Industry Headed?

Additive Manufacturing along with its subset 3D printing have been the talk of engineering and pop culture for some time now. We are at a point where it is safe to say that additive manufacturing is here to stay, but what does the future hold for this innovative technology?

Trevor English




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