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1 day ago

Everything You Need to Know About Direct Modeling

Direct modeling is a relatively new process when it comes to computer aided design, but it is one that is revolutionizing how engineers can create products. Direct modeling allows engineers to create complex surfaces and rearrange parts with very little effort. Creating complex flowing designs is a time-consuming process in […]

Trevor English
5 days ago

The Future of Engineering Superhuman Mechanical Exoskeletons

Humans have been using mechanical advantages for thousands of years with pulleys and gears. When will we finally get to use the “real” mechanical advantage presented by superhuman exoskeletons? Let’s examine the technology currently out there and what’s to come. So, exoskeletons do exist today, but in nowhere near the […]

Trevor English
8 days ago

Will Organs of the Future Be Designed Like the Mechanical Parts of Today?

Biomedical additive manufacturing is already a growing industry. As the need for organs inevitably grows with time, will there become a whole engineering industry dedicated to the custom design of lifesaving tissues? Solving the world’s growing organ shortage is an increasingly complex and needed endeavor. Whether you realize it or […]

Trevor English
12 days ago

From Nuclear Submarines to Autodesk: The Evolution of Engineering and Jay Tedeschi

In the final part of our series with Jay Tedeschi, we take a look back at the changes Jay has seen over his time as an engineer and how they have shaped him as a professional. Growing up in New London, CO where U.S. Navy nuclear submarines were based and […]

Trevor English




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