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3 days ago

Represent! With Level of Details or View Reps

Today we’re talking about assembly representations, specifically Level of Detail and View Representations.  Nothing new here in recent years, however what became apparent on my travels around the world is that assembly representations are one of the most misused and misunderstood features within Autodesk Inventor.  That’s not to say that there […]

Neil Cross
10 days ago

Unleash Your Imagination With Freeform Modeling

Sorry about the title… it’s borderline overly dramatic and sensationalist, however, it’s 100% true. Step back a few years, users of product design and/or manufacturing focused 3D CAD applications had been confined to the limits of solid modeling workflows.  With regards to design aesthetics, there’s challenges to be faced whilst utilising sketch based […]

Neil Cross
17 days ago

Boundary Patch – A jack of all trades

This is one of my all time favorite go-to fixer uppers when modeling, Boundary Patch.  Strictly speaking it’s a surface modeling aid, but it’s versatile application in solid modeling to help get an awkward job done are definitely much appreciated and welcome. Whether it be one of those regular occurrences when you have […]

Neil Cross
24 days ago

Chain Generator, Make a Roller Chain With Realistic Motion

Although it can be quite diverse, Inventor is an aid for Mechanical Engineers at heart, and what screams mechanical more than chain links and sprockets! On that note, did you know that Inventor has an integrated wizard known as a Design Accelerator for creating chain layouts? Did you run a […]

Neil Cross




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