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Inventor 101: Revolve Command and Project Geometry

In this Inventor 101 video, you’ll learn some of the basics of Autodesk Inventor that are essential for creating CAD geometry.

The first feature looked at is the revolve command. It can be used to create 3D parts, but also to remove material, in this case a small angular groove.


Quick Tip: Direct Editing of Cylindrical Features

Do you ever find yourself working with an assembly or part inside of Inventor and need to make a few little tweaks? This quick tip is for you.

With Inventor’s direct edit modeling, you can quickly adjust dimensions (such as diameter) or adjust the location of holes or cuts based on reference points on a model.

Trevor English

5 Reasons to Use Views in Inventor

If you’re not using views in Autodesk Inventor, now is your time to start, and I’ll give you five reasons why.

#1 View Orientation

Have you ever wanted to duplicate a screen capture, rendering or video clip of something you did three weeks ago? My guess is you can’t seem to get the orientation the same.


Inventor 101: Cut Extrude, Fillet and Hole Commands

In this Inventor 101 video, you’ll learn how to transform a 2D sketch into a 3D part. Learning these skills is essential to laying a proper foundation as you build on your Inventor knowledge.

Utilizing the extruding tool to pull or push out a 2D sketch is a crucial step toward becoming an Inventor pro.

Trevor English




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