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23 days ago

Sometimes, drawings need some love too

Guilty, over here, I’m guilty of it. As important as drawings are in the real world, and they are, admittedly I’m one for focusing a little too much on the modeling and visualisation side of things when it comes to publishing tips, tricks and tutorials for Inventor.  Why? Well I […]

Neil Cross
Tips & Tricks
30 days ago

Convert fake threads to real threads

Whilst I’m prepared to accept the D- grade for imagination and creativity in my title writing skills, it describes today’s topic quite well. Depending on how closely you’ve looked, you may or may not have noticed that when creating any kind of thread in Autodesk Inventor, it isn’t actually giving […]

Neil Cross
about 1 month ago

Represent! With Level of Details or View Reps

Today we’re talking about assembly representations, specifically Level of Detail and View Representations.  Nothing new here in recent years, however what became apparent on my travels around the world is that assembly representations are one of the most misused and misunderstood features within Autodesk Inventor.  That’s not to say that there […]

Neil Cross
about 1 month ago

Unleash Your Imagination With Freeform Modeling

Sorry about the title… it’s borderline overly dramatic and sensationalist, however, it’s 100% true. Step back a few years, users of product design and/or manufacturing focused 3D CAD applications had been confined to the limits of solid modeling workflows.  With regards to design aesthetics, there’s challenges to be faced whilst utilising sketch based […]

Neil Cross




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