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Inventor 101: Sheet Metal Basics

Designing parts out of solid metal block stock is useful and all, but every good design engineer isn’t limited to just those materials. A variety of modern parts are designed and constructed using sheet metal – and chances are you’ll be designing a part out of sheet metal at some point,

Trevor English

#AUDesignChallenge: The Winners

#AUDesignChallenge: The Winners

As you all know, we recently ran a contest, challenging the Fusion 360 and Inventor community to design a functional piece of furniture (i.e. chair, stool, table, desk, bed frame…) that flat packs using only plywood as material. Entrants were asked to share their best images/renderings on social media (Facebook,


Quick Tip – Symmetry Constraint

Adding constraints to your designs within Autodesk Inventor is a crucial step in every assembly process. However, sometimes constraints aren’t as simple as just faces or centerlines. Take, for example, an assembly that has multiple parts that move together in exact increments. As you’ll see in the quick tip video below,

Trevor English

Inventor 101: Coil Command

Some mechanical designs remain relatively blocky and basic in terms of their design structure. However, as you start developing more complex projects, you’ll likely come to a point where you need a coil or spring inside of your design. That’s where Inventor’s coil command comes into play.

Learning how to utilize this tool will allow you to take a simple dimensioned circle through a variety of constraints,

Trevor English

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