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Autodesk Inventor 2018.1

A New Update for Inventor 2018

This week customers will start seeing Inventor 2018.1 in Autodesk Desktop App and Autodesk Account. Previewed in the Inventor Feedback Community over the past few months, this Update includes a healthy mix of new functionality and enhancements.


The Best Autodesk Inventor Resources for Beginners to Experts

Whether you are just learning Autodesk Inventor or have been using it for years, every now and again we need some help. For the experts out there who might think that they know it all, you could also lend a hand to inexperienced users on forums or social media. For the beginner,

Trevor English

5 Steps to Making Your Project Colorful & Shiny

You have a design review with a client, and you need some photorealistic images, but need to get it done quickly!

Enter the world of Inventor Materials, Lighting, Shadows, Rendering and Cameras

Let’s look at how we get from dull and gray to colorful and shiny in 5 steps

Step 1 –


A Newbie’s Experience with the Inventor 2018 Free Trial: Final Thoughts

I’m in the last days of my Inventor 2018 free trial. It has been a month of learning, designing, and surprising myself at how easy Inventor was to learn. As I wrap up this blogging series, I want to leave you with my final thoughts in regards to the trial and what I’ve learned in just 1 month using Inventor.

Trevor English




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