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Quick Tip – Insert Image

Bringing in images to the design space within Inventor can be a great tool for reference. Whether you’re trying to recreate something already in existence or just need a visual reference for a design, chances are you’ll use this tool at some point in your engineering career. Take a look at the short video below to master this process.

Trevor English

3D CAD Preparation & Cleanup

Creating 3D CAD models is one of the first steps in the design process. After you have a certain design, though, you need to validate that design through simulation. That means rendering complex meshes and letting your workstation run for often long periods of time. No one wants to wait weeks for large assembly files to render or calculate – that’s where model simplification comes into play.

Trevor English

Autodesk University 2018 is a wrap

With AU2018 wrapped up, you might be thinking “I don’t have to think about AU for another year”. Well, you would be half right. AU2018 was an awesome event with record high attendance and amazing classes, all made possible by you our customer, vendors, and partners. While AU2019 is a year away (and no,


Expand Your Inventor workflow with Generative Design

Connect Inventor to Generative Design right from your desk.

I have never been on a design project where much time was quoted to get design ideas out of your head. “Time equals money” as they say.

Anyways, I probably don’t have more than two or three design ideas roaming in my head on a good day.


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