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BIM 360 Release Notes

πŸ†• – Revit Issue Add-in – December 14th, 2020

December 14, 2020

We are pleased to announce a new application to integrate and visualize BIM 360 issues, with the help of unified issue management, in Autodesk Revit 2020 & 2021: the Revit Issues Add-In for Revit.Β 


With the Revit Issues Add-in, Revit designers can open, edit, comment on, and resolve BIM 360 issues (created from any BIM 360 client, example: BIM 360 Design Collaboration, BIM 360 Model Coordination, Navisworks, BIM 360 Document Management, etc.) directly within Revit.

Revit designers can now easily understand the connection between an issue captured in BIM 360 and the Revit model with the help of identifiers like position, 3D view, and element details. Designers can also update and change the BIM 360 issue directly in Revit, for example, they can add more details to the issue or change its status.

You can access and download the latest installer for Revit 2020 & 2021 through Autodesk Accounts ( or the Autodesk Desktop App.


We know this is an exciting, highly anticipated workflow for many of you, and we’re so glad to make this available before the holidays! We believe this could fundamentally change how you incorporate feedback and ensure resolution of issues, greatly improving the quality of your day-to-day design work. Here’s why:

Easy element identification – View a BIM 360 issue and highlight its equivalent Revit element in the Revit model.

Unified issues – Change status, add additional information, or reassign to a different person or team. Any updates become automatically available in every BIM 360 client that supports unified issue management. Additionally, all details are reflected in centralized dashboards and reporting.

Holistic issue review – All issues β€” whether captured in the “in progress” folder during design review, in the “shared” folder during model coordination, or as feedback on Revit models shared with construction β€” can be viewed altogether in one location in Revit.

Task management –Β  Focus on issues assigned to you, your role, or your team.

Clash resolution workflows – Resolve issues created in Design Collaboration, Model Coordination, or Navisworks, while also accessing screenshots of issues on multi-format aggregated models.

Save time and reduce manual work – Remove the manual process of comparing exported issue lists and the Revit model side by side. Simply use the Revit Issue Add-in to close the loop.




Key Features & Workflows:

  • Issues automatically load when the model is loading for the first time
  • View issues assigned to the same Revit model in one list, even if they were captured in different places at different times
  • Once loaded, view the captured issue within context and make changes to the design and/or annotate the issue with any relevant comments before sharing back into BIM 360
  • View, edit, or change the issue status in Revit for example close the status into “closed”
  • Load issues from other copies of the same model created as part of the design collaboration or model coordination process (example: from a “coordination space” folder or shared folder)
  • Automatically load the associated view, zoom in to the Revit element with the correct camera position, display issues by status, see the color-coded pin in Revit canvas, and highlight the associated Revit element
  • Revit Issues Add-In supports all cloud-based Revit model types: Revit Cloud Workshared models, Cloud Models, models accessed through Desktop Connector

Join me for a live demo in 2021 on our Building Solutions YouTube channel! Bookmark this page and click “subscribe” to save the date on your calendar.


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Marco Ramolla is a Senior Product Manager in Autodesk Construction Solutions leading the Workflow group to provide pre-construction configurations and workflows. This includes Design Collaboration, Revit Issue Add-in and configuration of Design Collaboration and Model Coordination.


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  1. AvatargerbenKAG9F

    Is there a download link for the 2020 version? I only seem to find the 2021 version through the Desktop app.

    1. marcoramollamarcoramolla (Post author)

      There is no direct download link available. You can search and download the 2020 and 2021 version from or by Autodesk Desktop App. Search for “Issues Addon for Revit 2020”


    Issues able to be tied to sheets would be nice,. they link within B360 but cannot find the view in the linked Revit file

  3. AvatarVMDO-ADMIN

    This could resolve my almost 5 year old Revit idea for a Revit viewer if we commit to running all projects through BIM 360.


    Just installed the add-in for Revit 2021. Having two problems:
    1. Added an issue to my model in BIM 360. Opening the same model in Revit, the add-in gives error: “The associated view does not exist in the loaded model.”
    2. Push-pins are not really legible in Revit window: they are white-on-white, and look like a very large detail circle, with no visual indication of selection.

    Is this expected behavior?

  5. AvatarAngelo-Milletti

    Revit BIM 360 Issues add-in is already aviable ? i don’t find it. how can i download this add-in ?

    1. marcoramollamarcoramolla (Post author)

      You can search and download the 2020 and 2021 version from or by Autodesk Desktop App. Search for β€œIssues Addon for Revit 2020”

  6. Avatarredk4841

    Hi Marco. I am not able to find the installer through the manage accounts webpage or the autodesk desktop app. I have an autodesk account tied to an enterprise subscription for BIM360, Collaboration for Revit, etc. Can you help me out please?

    1. marcoramollamarcoramolla (Post author)

      You can search and download the 2020 and 2021 version from or by Autodesk Desktop App. Search for β€œIssues Addon for Revit”

  7. Avatarshelkovnikov_bim-ae

    Create issues directly from this must be next step

    1. marcoramollamarcoramolla (Post author)

      Thank you for the feedback. The creation of issues is on the roadmap in combination with the support of linked files.

      Marco Ramolla
      Senior Product Manager BIM 360 Design Collaboration & Revit/AutoCAD Issue Addin

    2. AvatarAFRYCZ_michal.janata

      Creating issues directly in Revit is one of the things we really need at AFRY! πŸ™‚

    3. Avatar558-64640075

      Completely agree. IΒ΄m not able to check issues from a linked model, is it possible?

    4. marcoramollamarcoramolla (Post author)

      Linked files support is not available today but on the roadmap.

  8. AvatarinfoVCJ8Y

    Any idea why the pushpins don’t load, even if the feature says they are on? I keep getting this message: “The associated view does not exist in the loaded model.” when I select the issue in the list. Much appreciated.


    Great idea. Thanks for implementing.


    This is what we were waiting for, looks great to me.