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Varjo, KIA, NVIDIA and Autodesk are merging digital and physical worlds for automotive design

Lukas Faeth
September 29, 2020

We’re excited to announce the outcome of our collaboration with Varjo, Kia, Nvidia and Autodeskthe integration of Autodesk VRED and the VARJO XR-1 Developer Edition. This is a first step towards merging the best of the virtual and the real world by combining VRED’s rendering prowess with Varjo’s high-resolution XR technology.

“You’d think this is so much more complicated than a video call. But collaboration has been very reliable,” says Gregory Guillaume, Vice President of Design at Kia Motors Europe. He and his team can be in the same virtual room with the design management team and look at and discuss the same car model in perfect detail. “That’s only possible if we trust what we’re seeing and the tools we’re using. It amazes me that something so complicated is working so naturally and easily.”

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With the release of VRED 2021.1, Varjo XR-1 Developer Edition has become the first mixed reality device supported by Autodesk VRED.

“Designers can now compare digital and physical prototypes side by side and communicate with each other intuitively and reliably during remote design reviews. This is an industry-first milestone, enhancing creativity, enabling faster prototyping and allowing collaborative design reviews from anywhere in the planet,” says Urho Konttori, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Varjo.

In automotive design and engineering, being able to clearly see even the smallest details is crucial. VRED and Varjo XR-1 allow users to review and interact with HMI content while being in the digital car. They can also evaluate materials with intricate patterns and structures or conduct design reviews to understand the final customer experience before building the first physical prototype. Here, high resolution and rendering quality are imperative for accurate review and educated decision making.

For more Details on the interoperability, click here.


How to access

Varjo XR-1 device is supported with VRED 2021 Update 1. It is easy to start, working out-of-the-box with numerous tools and possibilities to interact with the scene and the digital prototype. It also works with the remote collaboration capabilities of Autodesk VRED.

The integration of the Varjo XR-1 embodies our commitment to collaboration: it supports teamwork between participants in VR and in XR, and participants can join remotely or collaborate locally. And it reinforces our dedication to high quality: both VRED and Varjo technology offer the highest fidelity representation of the digital model.

A perfect fit for your collaborative, interactive design review, the Varjo XR-1 combines the latest capabilities from VRED, Varjo’s modern technology and Kia’s focus on connected experiences.

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Lukas Faeth

Lukas Fäth joined Autodesk, in 2012 with the acquisition of PI-VR. After graduating in digital media Lukas drove the visual and conceptual development of VRED, a high-end virtual prototyping software. Lukas was responsible for quality assurance, support, and consulting, and is a professional VRED software trainer for the automotive industry and computer-generated imagery agencies with a strong artistic knowledge base. Since 2014 he is in charge of product management for the VRED software products.