Behind the Scenes with Mike Turner, Video 5: Retro Rendering with the 1980s DeLorean

January 10, 2022

1 min read

In this bonus episode of his first VRED series, DGDesign’s Senior Designer Mike Turner walks through how he created a “retro wave” aesthetic to show off a performance-ready DeLorean model. (Mike’s already talked us through getting into VRED for bespoke automotive design, importing data from Alias, working with backplates and other rendering approaches.)

Model of a performance-ready DeLorean

Mike starts with some research on other DeLorean renderings, which all share a futuristic, racey, garishly-lit (ah, the ’80s!) look. He picks up on the geometric background and color palette to create a new way of showing off this iconic vehicle.

Geometry and colour for the DeLorean environment

Check out how Mike builds this fantastic environment below (detailed walk-through starts at 3:30):

Yes, there will be more! We’ll have a second series of skill-building videos from Mike Turner over the coming months.

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