The biggest disruption of the last century: Car Design Dialogue panel

Brandy Ryan March 16, 2022 3 min read

Changing Demands, New Technologies and How Transportation Design is Meeting the Challenge

Moderated by Car Design News’s Abel Sampson, this February 2022 Panel engaged one of the biggest questions the vehicle design industry is facing: how to navigate the most fundamental disruption of the last century. Customer demands are changing as disruptive technologies become more widely available. Those changes are inspiring the automotive industry to think differently and challenge the status quo. That makes the next generation of automotive and transportation design absolutely critical to winning the hearts and minds of consumers.

The three panellists dove right into the issues at the heart of this question, drawing on their experiences and perspectives with start-ups, design software, and extensive resource provider. This really is a dream team of thought leaders bringing their insights and hopes for the future.

The Highlights

Derek Jenkins, VP Design at Lucid Motors

“I think for us it’s really about the seamless kind of working relationship between the design team responsible for interior architecture, the user experience team that’s responsible for what’s on the screen, the flow, the usability, the logic, and our hardware and software team. Those three groups really have to be linked together.”

Derek Jenkins
Thomas Heermann, VP Automotive, Conceptual Design and Extended Reality at Autodesk

“We’ve seen the need for speed and creativity happening because creativity makes the difference in this new world. That’s the most important advancement, if it give us the tools to be creative at the heart. And also the convergence of technologies. This whole notion of dedicated people in the studio: everybody wants to create, everybody wants to visualize and present and tell a story. We see this really merging together in an open and connected platform.”

Thomas Heermann
Michael Check, CEO of Linkage Design

“We see a lot more focus on interiors, you know, as far as creature comforts and social interaction and things like that. So that’s cool, because we’re starting to introduce more product designers into the automotive space. You know, our biggest thing is finding good resources. That’s always a big constraint. And introducing product design to the automotive or transportation space is really helpful because they look at things a little bit differently.”

Michael Check

You can watch this Car Design Dialogue in full at, or you can access it on YouTube.

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