New Input Validation Capabilities in Flow Production Tracking (Formerly ShotGrid)

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Flow Production Tracking’s (formerly ShotGrid) latest update introduces new Input Validation capabilities for system-created entity name fields such as Shot Code, Sequence Name, Asset Name, and more.

Admins can now produce more accurate production data with these new functionalities while continuing to have a single source of truth when setting up best practices for studios and teams.

What is ‘Input Validation’?

This workflow allows you to configure validation rules – it defines specific input requirements that need to be met in order for the data to be accepted into Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid). Once a validation rule is created, it can be applied to the desired projects on a site.

ShotGrid Input Validation

How do these new capabilities work in Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid)?

The Input Validation capabilities are found in the ‘Configure Field’ dialog box, in a new VALIDATION tab when creating or modifying an existing Code Field.

Once the name and field type are configured in the ‘GENERAL’ tab, you can select the ‘VALIDATION’ tab to configure a validation rule for that Field.

Step 1: Set up Rules

After this, you configure the validation rule. This is done by either building a series of segments, consisting of alphabetical, numerical, alphanumeric, or separator segments. You can select ‘Add Segment+’, or generate a generic code via “…start with an example code value by clicking here”.

Step 2: Applying Rules to Projects

Once a validation rule is established, if the field data violates the validation rule, the cell will be formatted in red and the configured error message will appear upon hovering over the field text. The cell will remain this way until the data matches the configured validation rule.


Learn more about Validation Rules by visiting our documentation.