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Under the Hood - All things PDM and PLM

5 months ago

What is Flexible PLM?

Product development is complex and design is just one of the many phases. Learn about flexible data and process management with Autodesk PLM.
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Digital Transformation Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

With many manufacturing companies starting 2022 off with digital transformation initiatives, the individuals tasked with this initiative often feeling overwhelmed by the undertaking. Digital transformation doesn’t have to be hard, though. On the contrary, it should make everyone’s lives easier. We know completely digitizing your processes and documentation can feel like a huge task.

Alexandra Maraldo

Digital Transformation: What is it and How do I Start?

“Digital Transformation” is a popular term lately. The impact of the global pandemic has forced companies to adapt quickly, which exposed what were previously considered minor inconveniences to be major system flaws. The push to digitize has prompted many companies to build in digital transformation initiatives into their strategies for the upcoming year,

Alexandra Maraldo

Autodesk Vault Roadmap Provides Glimpse of the Future

Customer feedback is an integral part of the product development process. Our Vault product development team regularly meets with customers and the Vault community throughout the year to capture feedback and plan new features and enhancements.

While most of the Vault feedback activities have been online throughout the pandemic,

Christa Prokos

More Productivity Boosts Powered by Upchain Cloud PDM

In our last blog post we discussed ways that Upchain can help save designers time, but what about all the other departments in your company? Everyone is spread thin and looking to maximize the use of their time while making sure teams are communicating effectively. How can Upchain help outside of the engineering department?

Alexandra Maraldo

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