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BIM 360 Release Notes

Desktop Connector for BIM 360 plugin updated

James Austin
April 18, 2018

We have published a new version of the plugin for the Desktop Connector that allows BIM 360 Docs users to connect their data to their desktop connector.  This update has several important fixes, and we recommend that all users update as soon as practical to benefit from these.

The latest release of Desktop Connector for BIM 360 includes the following:

  1. Support for Revit 2018.3 and 2019 Cloud Links: With the global launch of Revit 2018.3 and 2019, we have fixed an issue with liked files, meaning that cloud links are now persistent using the Desktop Connector for BIM 360 in conjunction with Revit Cloud Worksharing.
  2. Performance Improvement: We added a caching layer to improve the performance of the application. Now when navigating your BIM 360 environment, you no longer have to wait for your paths to load once you have visited them. This significantly improves the feela dn speed of use within Desktop Connector for BIM 360 workflows.
  3. Bug Fix: We resolved an issue reported by several users that were experiencing an error message stating, “All children names must be unique.” When this message was displayed, no project information could be displayed. This affected users with several accounts that shared the same name.

In order to benefit from this update, all users should download and install it from here.

Please note the following:

  • You DO NOT need to reinstall the Desktop Connector. This is an update to the plugin only.
  • The plugin will install on top of the old version, there is no need to uninstall that first.  Simply run the .exe
  • We continue to work towards a unified installer with Desktop Connector to remove this update process, and allow automated notification and simplified install processes for updates. Please see known issues

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James Austin

Product Manager | BIM 360

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    Recently purchased new Autodesk AEC. Had 14-Rivet! Need tutorial on new system, where do I go for in depth help on learning new system?