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BIM 360 Release Notes

BIM 360 Design Collaboration Update – Dec 12, 2018

Markus Briglmeir
December 12, 2018

We are pleased to announce another release of some great new features and enhancements to BIM 360 Design Collaboration.

These include:

  • Add Packages to Document sets in Document Management to enable downstream workflows
  • Additional permission level ‘Control’ for team administration
  • Manage Master Model: Select the master model to use for levels and phases.
  • Delete unused teams and team folders
  • Hypermodel Navigation: Mini-map and 3D views icons
  • Change Visualization: Directly compare your team’s work-in-progress
  • Change Visualization: Compare packages directly from timeline
  • Change Visualization: Timeline shows which packages are compared
  • Usability: Most recent team viewed on the timeline is remembered
  • Scheduled publish of Revit models


Add Packages to Document sets

Packages can be assigned to an existing set in Document Management now, enabling downstream workflows such as document review. This is possible for the own team’s packages through the package share dialog, or from the package overview when a package is selected from the timeline. A user needs to have the new BIM 360 Design Collaboration control permission level (or is an admin user).


Additional permission level ‘Control’ for team administration

A new permission level for team administration tasks with ‘View + edit + share + control’ has been added. This enables an user for example to add the content of a shared package to a Document Set

Note: This permission level adds the Document Management ‘Control’ permission to the team folder and the Shared folder of that team.


Manage Master Model to use for levels and phases

Admin users now can define which model provides the level and the phase information for the project, which is used for the level and phase panel of the aggregated project model. The dialog to select the master model lists all models from within the Shared folder.

Note: until now, the largest model (after model publishing) has been used as the default master model. This will still be the case if no model is defined by an admin user.


Delete unused teams and team folders

Project administrators now can delete a team completely from BIM 360 Design Collaboration if that team hasn’t shared or consumed any package. Optional that team’s folders can be deleted as well. That feature has been requested by admin users, in cases where teams have been created for test purposes, or with an unintended team name.


Hypermodel Navigation: Mini-map

Use the new mini-map feature to identify your location in a 3D model and orient the viewing angle. The mini-map is available once a model is explored in first person mode. It’s based on the building level a user is exploring, and changes accordingly if another level is explored.


Hypermodel Navigation: 3D views icons

When exploring the project model now icons for 3D views will be shown. These represent view point and view direction of camera views and 3D views. They are published with the usual publishing process of Revit view sets. Clicking on them in the project model will give a preview, and then open that 3D view for exploring. This new capability allows faster understanding and accessing relevant views directly from the aggregated project model without the need to find it in the sheet list of the content browser. Note: The ‘Back to last view’ button brings you back to the project model.


Change Visualization: Directly compare your team’s work-in-progress

Until now, change visualization has only been available between packages. With this release, understanding changes within your own work-in-progress data is possible as well. While exploring your own teams designs, simply select ‘Show changes’, the current design is compared then again the previously shared version of it.



Change Visualization: Compare packages directly from timeline

You can now compare packages without opening or exploring the package first. This provides a more direct access to understand progress between packages of the own, or other collaborating teams. Additionally, the timeline now shows prominently which packages are compared.


Usability when being member of multiple teams

If you are a member of multiple teams you can switch between teams on the timeline. Now the most recent team viewed on the timeline is saved the next time you sign in.


Scheduled publish of Revit models: Schedule a regular, automated publish of a team’s work  

Admin users can now schedule a regular, automated publish of a team’s work using the Schedule Publish option in the Project Admin module. This allows you to get the latest work from a team, without the need to open Revit or Design Collaboration.

Note: Even if you schedule a regular publish, you can still use the Update to Latest command from the team space in Design Collaboration to publish in the interim.

As always, we are curious to hear your feedback, so please leave your comments, ideas and thoughts here, or on the BIM 360 Design Collaboration forum.

Markus & the BIM 360 Design Collaboration team

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Markus Briglmeir

Markus Briglmeir CAD and 3D are the topics that inspired Markus starting from the times at university. In his roles as landscape architect & AutoCAD user, project manager, solution implementer, educator and software presenter Markus gathered a lot of experience in the infrastructure and business. Over the years cloud based solutions got more and more of his focus. Markus now works in the Autodesk BIM Project Delivery team as Product Manager on the Design Collaboration module based on BIM 360. More: member of Autodesk Switzerland, and Bayern Munich Football club, Landscape Architect and Manager of a Bavarian Brass band. Likes Rock & Rocks, Bike & Ski. Plays Drums & Percussion in private and with BIM 360 in professional life.


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    Am I the only one that still does not have the scheduled publish? Is this only available on projects started after this release?

    1. Markus BriglmeirMarkus Briglmeir (Post author)

      Hi Isaac, Could you please give it another try now, a feature flag has still been set.
      Thanks for reaching out and best regards,


      Confirmed, now available. Thanks!


    Do the scheduled updates also apply to the plan sets that are in document management?

    1. Markus BriglmeirMarkus Briglmeir (Post author)

      Hey Robert,
      Thanks for reaching out. The scheduled updates automate the publish from Revit Cloud Worksharing, which until now had to be started manually in Revit, or BIM 360 Design Collaboration (Update to Latest). BIM 360 Design Collaboration currently supports only the Project Files folder structure. From there you can add it to a document set in Document Management. Or while sharing out a package in BIM 360 Design Collaboration, see the release announcement for that.


    I scheduled a publish but now want to edit it. I’m an admin and don’t see the option to either add a new schedule for any of the teams nor can I edit. The schedule publish doesn’t appear anymore. Thoughts? Thank you

    1. AvatarManuel.Wellmann

      Hi Mark,

      We recently found that users without sufficient product entitlement where using the scheduling feature. What they did not notice, is that the publishing never succeeded due to that lack. Hence we added an entitlement check to the client application. So my guess it, you are one of those people that do not have a proper entitlement setup. Can you please check whether you have a “Revit Cloud Worksharing” entitlement in your Products & Services list?


  4. Avatarveenat

    The Schedule Auto publish did not seem to work on a project I am currently working on. There were no updates that showed up and the Shared Access folder having the published models was not updated. Could someone please help? Am I doing something wrong?


    I don’t see the schedule Auto Publish option on any team except the Arch Team. I am both Project Aministrator and an Account Administrator.