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BIM 360 Release Notes

BIM 360 Project Management Update – January 17

Laurie Spitler
January 17, 2019

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce that we have just released two much-requested features.

  • Re-Open RFI from Answered
  • Item Detail Report

Re-Open RFI from Answered:

Re-open RFI is intended as an administrative override to revert an RFI to the Reviewer’s court if the answer is incomplete in some way.  It is not intended to act as a revision process (we are working on that!).

  1. When an RFI Manager receives a response that is incomplete, she will now have to the option to Return to Reviewer.
  2. She will be able to select which Reviewer to send the RFI to.
  3. The Reviewer will see the RFI back in his court, and will be able to view the previous official response and send a new response to the reviewer.


Known issue:  We are working on expanding and simplifying the Project Admin permissions, with the goal of allowing project admins to have all permissions of the Manager and Reviewer.  This is a work in progress.

Currently, Project Admins viewing an Answered RFI not assigned to them will see the option to “Return to Reviewer”, but not to “Close and Distribute”.

Current resolution: If the Project Admin then reassigns the RFI to herself, she will have both options available.  We are working to resolve this permissions inconsistency asap!

Item detail PDF export:

The Item detail PDF export  is a printable version of a submittal item record including detailed information, workflow roles, and status.

MktoForms2.loadForm(“//”, “572-JSV-775”, 2332);

#mktoForm_2332 > div:nth-child(3) > div.mktoFieldDescriptor.mktoFormCol > div.mktoFieldWrap.mktoRequiredField > div.mktoGutter.mktoHasWidth{
#mktoForm_2332 > div.mktoButtonRow > span > button{
color: #fff;
background-color: #1858A8 !important;
background-image: none !important;
border: 0px !important;
#mktoForm_2332 > div:nth-child(3) > div.mktoFieldDescriptor.mktoFormCol > div.mktoFieldWrap.mktoRequiredField > div.mktoLogicalField.mktoCheckboxList.mktoHasWidth.mktoRequired, #mktoForm_2332, #mktoForm_2332 > div:nth-child(2) > div.mktoFieldDescriptor.mktoFormCol > div.mktoFieldWrap.mktoRequiredField
{width: 100%!important;}
#mktoForm_2332 > div:nth-child(2) > div.mktoFieldDescriptor.mktoFormCol > div.mktoOffset,#mktoForm_2332 > div:nth-child(3) > div.mktoFieldDescriptor.mktoFormCol > div.mktoFieldWrap.mktoRequiredField > div.mktoGutter.mktoHasWidth, #mktoForm_2332 > div:nth-child(2) > div.mktoFieldDescriptor.mktoFormCol > div.mktoFieldWrap.mktoRequiredField > div.mktoGutter.mktoHasWidth{
display: none;
width: 75%!important;
width: 84px!important;
#mktoForm_2332 > div:nth-child(2) > div.mktoFieldDescriptor.mktoFormCol{
margin-top: 10px;
width: 100%;

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Laurie Spitler

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    When is the Item detail PDF export supposed to be made available? We still does not have access to it!