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BIM 360 Release Notes

For the May release we have five updates within the Insight module to help teams better visualize data and control reporting:

1. Construction IQ in Data Connector & Power BI Template

Users with executive overview access can now extract all Construction IQ data through the Data Connector. This allows users to easily access all of their data and connect it with robust Business Intelligent tools for customized analysis. Furthermore, this continues the movement towards predictive risk management by surfacing data flagged from machine learning algorithms and giving teams the freedom to build custom dashboards based on this data.

Paired with this release, users will also have access to a Construction IQ Power BI template to help teams start leveraging machine learning data to minimize construction risk.

2. Shared & Custom Dashboards

In addition to the preset dashboards in the Insight module, BIM 360 users can now create custom dashboards and share by role, company or user. By clicking the blue plus button users can create their own dashboards and chose which cards to include from the card library. This includes adding partner cards and configuring them once and sharing out with other team members. Once created you will see it appear under other dashboards on the left side panel. From here again you can also share these boards out to different team members.

This improves collaboration and sharing of relevant project information for specific teams or project meetings as well as gives customization tools for teams to build more meaningful and relevant dashboards.


3. Additional Partner Cards

Users now have access to additional integration partner cards through the card library. New cards include AOMS, FieldChat, CMiC, Eyrus, Plannerly, and Lobster Pictures.

4. Transmittal Data in Data Connector

BIM 360 users now have access to download Transmittal data using the Data Connector. This download will automatically be included via Data Connector extractions. This gives users more visibility into the flow of documents across project teams to better understand where to make improvements on how documents are transferred.

5. Drill-downs for Executive Cost Dashboard

Users with executive overview access can now drill down to project level cost details within the Executive Cost Dashboard. Previously the links within the Executive Cost Dashboard appeared but only worked if user had access to cost. Now they will only show up if a user has access. This improves transparency to cost information for executives to better plan and allocate resources.

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Manu Venugopal

Manu Venugopal is an Architecture, Engineering, and Construction technology expert and thought leader focusing on Building Information Modeling, data and analytics. As a Senior Product Manager at Autodesk, Manu helps the BIM 360 team build innovative products using cloud and mobile technologies and improve the Construction industry processes. Manu is currently working on introducing machine learning and predictive analytics to construction industry providing insights to customers to help them deliver projects successfully. He is passionate about interoperability and helps partners and developers build apps and integrations with BIM 360 on the Forge platform. Manu has a Doctoral degree from Georgia Tech, under the guidance of Prof. Chuck Eastman. Manu’s doctoral research introduced semantic web technologies to solve AEC industry challenges. He also has a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering. He is a co-author of the National BIM Standard and more than 30 publications.


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  1. AvatarL_Barnett

    Can this feature be templated when creating the basic folder structure or does it have to be created on each project?

  2. Avatarpmarchese

    Hi Manu, the Construction IQ Power BI template doesn’t seem to be included in the template download zip. Can that be updated please?