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BIM 360 Release Notes

BIM 360 Document Management update — July 28

Penny Yu
July 28, 2021

New improvements are available now!

Support Name Standard enforced folder as the review target folder

Now, the initiator can choose an NS enforced folder as the copy destination. The initiator can edit the file names when initiating the review. As the gatekeeper, the approver will have a chance to confirm the names and edit related attributes values before submitting the review.

1. Admin chooses an NS enforced folder as the target folder.

Admin -- ch

2. Initiator fixes the file names when initiating.

3. Approver’s final review before submitting.

Export more metadata for the reports

  1. Review/Transmittal IDs are added to the report file name and the cover page.
  2. The approval status column is added to the Document log file.

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