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BIM 360 Release Notes

In May, we focused on improving the usability of the file naming workflow in the Files tool. Learn more about this improvement below:

Files | Improved Editing of File Naming Standard

Now when editing the naming standard values of files, BIM 360 Docs members can incrementally batch edit their files with numerical attributes by selecting “Sequence number” in the dropdown menu. Please note that “Same number” is the the default option value .

Once you have selected “Sequence number” to enable incrementally batch editing, there are two text fields: “Start Number” and “Sequence Number”. Both of these fields are required, and support both decimal period (1.0) and decimal comma (1,0).

  • Start Number is the starting number of the validator naming flow and applies to all documents. This number can only be a positive integer or decimal, such as 1 or 0.1.
  • Sequence Number is the incremental value of the validator naming flow. This number can be a positive or negative integer or decimal, such as 1, 0.1, or -1.

For more information on this feature, check out the BIM 360 help article on renaming documents.

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margin-top: 10px;
width: 100%;

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Marisa Barreda


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  1. AvatarJon Ovidio

    Good post and good to see the Doc Management improvements. Any prevision for be able to export documents log reports in a daily/weekly basis? As we already have for checklists, issues and daily logs.

    1. Marisa BarredaMarisa Barreda (Post author)

      Hi Jon, that is a great question! This is currently not on our immediate roadmap, but I will share your feedback with the product team for future planning.

  2. AvatarEmil Treyco

    thanks marisa thats perfect for me.