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BIM 360 Release Notes

In July, we released several features that improved the entire Files workflow – all focused on providing more details of your project workflows. Learn more about these updates below:

Files | Add Source/Copy Information to Activity Log

In the file activities log, you can easily view the version number and file hyperlink in both the source and target file of a copy operation. This feature supports manual copies and copies from a Review within BIM 360 projects as well as between Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 projects.


Additional Silent Enhancements

  • Display Dropdown Value Descriptions – Now in BIM 360, you can easily view the display value name and full description in the dropdown list of the Originator column.
  • Extraction Error Improvements – Now during the file processing workflow in BIM 360, an improved error message provides more details on the failed sequence, bringing more insight to a faster solution.
  • Support Copy across Projects with FDM API – With the new body field “sourceProjectId” in the Forge Data Management API, teams can copy files from one project to another, and not be limited to just one Autodesk Docs project. Learn more about the Forge Data Management API here on Autodesk Platform Services.

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