Accelerating India’s metaverse gaming experience with Autodesk solutions

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Elevating India’s Metaverse Gaming Experience with Autodesk

A leading force in Media & Entertainment, Gamitronics is making an impact in the rapidly growing field of the metaverse. By leveraging Autodesk solutions,  they have combined creativity and technology in unique ways, distinguishing themselves in interactive media and pioneering new industry norms.

Offering a wide range of services, from games to immersive brand experiences, Gamitronic’s diverse portfolio demonstrates its ability to produce engaging, high-quality content across multiple platforms, showcasing its creativity and adaptability. The company is also a pioneer in virtual reality (VR) gaming, and it was the first company in India to launch a VR game.

Gamitronics’ spirit of innovation is brilliantly showcased in their latest project, PartyNite. This revolutionary metaverse platform is redefining social interaction in the digital world and setting the stage for the future of digital experiences. By leveraging the capabilities of Autodesk’s advanced tools and digital twin technology, PartyNite seamlessly blends gaming, virtual reality, and social networking into a single, captivating, immersive digital universe.

PartyNite isn’t just a product—it’s an immersive experience that uncovers the boundless potential within the metaverse. It mirrors Gamitronics’ innovative mindset and determination to extend the realms of digital interactivity.

Watch the video below to learn more about PartyNite and discover how Autodesk solutions help Gamitronics make groundbreaking industry strides.