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  • Small car in side profile with visible geometry modeling.

    New to SubD modeling? Check out Alias expert Stefan Strohm’s training resources

    As part of our commitment to providing users with the best training tips and resources, we asked Stefan Strohm, Senior Alias Expert and Trainer, to share his introductory SubD tutorials. Why Alias SubD Modeling? Alias SubD Modeling is relatively new and it allows a completely new workflow in the design process. Designers and CAS-Modelers can […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: Taking vehicle design off highway

    In 2021, we went behind the scenes with Senior Designer Mike Turner to hear about some of his work with VRED. These videos offer tips and processes for extending VRED’s value and experimenting with views and environments, the basics of data set-up and file import; artwork techniques to make your design pop; VRED environments, HDRIs […]

  • Behind the Scenes with Mike Turner, Video 5: Retro Rendering with the 1980s DeLorean

    In this bonus episode of his first VRED series, DGDesign’s Senior Designer Mike Turner walks through how he created a “retro wave” aesthetic to show off a performance-ready DeLorean model. (Mike’s already talked us through getting into VRED for bespoke automotive design, importing data from Alias, working with backplates and other rendering approaches.) Mike starts […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner, video 4: Backplates and other render approaches

    In episode three of his VRED series, DGDesign’s Senior Designer Mike Turner talked about creating backplates that really make your car design pop. Mike picks up on the backplate conversation in episode four, sharing some other render approaches he’s exploring on his own. Like the “spot-lit” effect that you can create using VRED’s sky light […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner, video 3: Getting started with backplates

    In the third episode of his VRED series, DGDesign’s Senior Designer Mike Turner talks backplates: flexible, clean auto artworks to make your car design pop. This “straightforward” technique opens the door to all kinds of exploration. And once your backplate is in place, you can pan around the car with just the standard lighting environment. You’ll […]

  • Autodesk University 2021: Automotive on demand

    Over the course of two weeks, more than 100,000 attendees representing 175 countries attended sessions in seven languages. If you joined us, we hope you had a fantastic experience. And if you didn’t, we hope you’ll consider it for next year. We know the value of time these days, so we wanted to share with […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner, video 2: Moving data from Alias to VRED (data import for newbies)

    In the second episode of his VRED series, DGDesign’s Senior Designer Mike Turner walks you through the basics of data import and file set-up. Drawing on his own usage of VRED throughout the model development process, Mike highlights when – and why – to apply addition effort in optimizing the scene as the concept data […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner, video 1: VRED meets UK bespoke automotive

    In the first of his VRED series, DGDesign’s Senior Designer Mike Turner takes us through a bespoke automotive case study with UK Fifteen Eleven Design agency. Some of the highlights: Extending VRED value: how it fits within overall development, building confidence in design Transferring Alias data into VRED + initial organization and testing Collaborating with […]

  • Democratize visualization with VRED Core

    Do you know the difference between CPU and GPU rendering? How each can improve render time? What data automation can do for your design process?  If you’re interested in leveraging the full power of our visualization tools, join Autodesk VRED Experts and our partner, Silverdraft, for a one-hour webinar on VRED Core.  You will learn how to:  Access renderings anywhere on […]

  • Looking for more VRED? Resources, access, community

    Being in contact with our customers and supporting them as they work are our top priorities on the VRED Product team. We wanted to take the time to share some of these resources and communities.  NEW: If you’re new to Autodesk VRED and are curious about what it does, you can find a good high-level overview and learn more on our Product Page.  […]

  • Coming soon: Behind the scenes with automotive and transportation designer Mike Turner

    We’re delighted to share with you this teaser from Mike Turner, Senior Designer with DGDesign. An industrial designer with 24 years’ experience working primarily in automotive and non-automotive design sectors—passenger rail vehicle, motorcycle, construction machinery, off-road vehicle, to name just a few. A self-described “Alias Pilot for the past 23 years,” Mike is relatively new […]

  • XR with the VARJO XR-3 and Nvidia CloudXR in Autodesk VRED

    XR is the sea change that Automotive designers, creatives and managers have been waiting on for quite some time. Reviewing a virtual model in a real-world setting enables these personas to see their colleagues, compare existing physical properties and interact in a personal way. Whether head-mounted or tablet-based, the results are phenomenal and accessible. XR […]

  • Curious about sketching in VR? Here’s how to get started.

    Earlier this year, I shared what I’ve learned about sketching in Create VR and what that means for concept modelers and designers, illustrators and concept designers. You can also check out Colin Smith’s overview on what’s possible in Create VR, as well as other videos in this series: Creating a Concept, Review and Feedback, Setting […]

  • Dynamo: Creating well-defined patterns using curves

    In my last blog and video, I shared how to apply any pattern across multiple surfaces in an easy way. As the pattern to be applied needs to be created first, I thought it might be helpful to show how to create a well-defined pattern using curves. I will share the script below and show […]

  • Alias 2021 Deep Dive: Camera-based selection

    An exciting new feature of Alias 2022 is the Camera-Based Selection feature. We know that camera-based selection gives Alias users confidence that they will only select the entities that they can see and not accidentally select entities that are hidden by shading. This video will explore how this Camera-Based Selection feature speeds up modeling with […]