Category: Essential SKILLS

  • VRED Deep Dive — Series 1

    With VRED 2022, we are excited to release many new features that continuously provide value to you, our VRED users. We have been hard at work these last few weeks, creating technical deep-dive videos to explain the new main features in detail. We hope you enjoy.  Our first two videos go deep on how to bake lightmaps to textures and create […]

  • Agile Design Studio: Workflow demo

    What’s the future of automotive design? We dove into it at our 2021 Automotive Innovation Forum.   Our Tech Sales team explores how as the global context has changed, we’ve seen a higher demand for connected workflows and processes. These enable our customers to deliver more concepts, better quality designs and fewer physical mock-ups, while staying […]

  • Tutorial series: Learning Python with Autodesk VRED

    Python scripting is a very powerful tool to extend VRED`s standard capabilities, customize it towards your needs and integrate it into your existing systems and pipeline. To enable more people to work with Python and VRED, learn about its potential and specialities we have worked with Christopher Gebhardt to create a series of Python tutorials […]

  • ALIAS Create VR: VR review (video 5)

    You’ve created the concept, refined it, reviewed for your own feedback, set the scene—now it’s time to share. Create VR offers the potential for collaborative reviews in VRED, and when your model is fully rendered, you have more sightlines on what you want to edit.   Our final video in this series covers the basics […]

  • ALIAS Create VR: Setting the scene (video 4)

    An integral part of any workflow is rendering, where we can see a refined model painted, in the right environment, with appropriate lighting. It’s hard to fully capture the value this offers: the reality of seeing your rendered, photorealistic model in VR, being able to vary paint colors, and being in this immersive environment to […]

  • Sketching in Create VR for Alias

    Over the last few months, we’ve shared what Autodesk Create VR for Alias offers designers and 3D modelers: an immersive virtual environment that can speed the transformation from 2D concept to 3D model. Colin Smith’s posts and videos demonstrate some of what’s possible with this technology. I’d like to share what this technology means for […]

  • ALIAS Create VR: Review and feedback (video 2)

    Create VR doesn’t just make concepts and refinement easier. It’s also a powerful evaluation tool, letting you see your model at a 1:1 scale in a true immersive environment can save time and costs for evaluation. Our third video is about evaluating and reviewing your work in Create VR. We’ll talk through how to start […]

  • ALIAS Create VR: Creating a concept (video 1)

    We introduced you to our new modeling workflow, Alias Create VR, with a short overview. Now we get to go deeper. We start with Video 1, Creating a Concept. Here, you’ll learn how to get started and then dive into how to create a new layer for the curve network or a wheel design with […]

  • ALIAS Create VR: New modeling workflow

    An exciting feature of both Alias 2020 and 2021 is a new modeling workflow, Alias Create VR. In this 5-video series, we’ll cover some of the fundamentals of this modeling toolset so that you can begin getting the most of it now. Here’s a short overview of Create VR. In the coming weeks, we’ll be […]

  • The Holy Grail: GPU realtime raytracing

    Simon Nagel and I have made two Deep Dive videos on our new VRED GPU Ray Tracing technology that we’re really excited to share with you. But rather than just dropping the videos on YouTube, we wanted to give you the story about why we did it and how we got here. The Context I’ve […]

  • Solving common design challenges with ShotGrid

    Autodesk’s Technical Specialist Daniel Wright, also known on YouTube as “Alias Guy,” created an overview video about how ShotGrid can be used in automotive design, and how it can help solve common challenges for users in the studio. Key Focus: Common problems for design teams This video covers the solutions to common problems key personas, […]