• Alias 2021 released!

    Alias 2021 has been released – promising to be one of the most important Alias release for many years, Alias 2021 offers a raft of great new features as well numerous enhancements. In addition, Alias is also celebrating it’s 35th birthday this year (!) – first shown at SIGGRAPH ’85. Alias 2021 is ready for […]

  • VRED 2021 is here!

    On March 25th we have released VRED 2021 with plenty of new features and improvements. It is ready for installation through the Autodesk Desktop App and is available in your Autodesk Account. Speed up your rendering VRED 2021 brings customers the power of GPU Raytracing and, therefore, maximum flexibility for hardware choices. Read more about […]

  • Autodesk VRED and NVIDIA RTX – a new chapter in accurate real-time rendering

    When I started my professional career in 2012, at a small Berlin-based company called Pi-VR, I didn’t understand the importance of precision and accuracy in rendering 3d data. My background in 3D Animation and Game Design meant that, for me, the most important aspect of rendering was making it look “cool” rather than “precise” or […]

  • Integrating Fusion 360 generative design into your Alias and VRED workflows

    If you’ve stayed up to date on all things Autodesk recently, you likely know that generative design inside of Fusion 360 is free until December 31st of this year. That means unlimited designs – unlimited potential for you to explore. All of this might sound great for product design engineers, but what about automotive designers? […]

  • Autodesk VRED supports NVIDIA VRS and HTC VIVE Pro Eye to maximize quality in VR design

    Autodesk VRED Supports NVIDIA VRS and HTC VIVE Pro Eye to Maximize Quality in VR Design Virtual reality (VR) technology is growing rapidly in the automotive industry. Designers want immersive visualizations that can accelerate iterations, saving time and money and improving the final product. For visualizations to be truly immersive, however, they must perform at […]