• ShotGrid: Behind the wheel at Renault

    ShotGrid in Automotive Design Increasing business pressures.Disconnected communication.Globally dispersed studios.Lack of transparency.Challenges tracking data. These are the key problems plaguing all creative studios today. That’s why 2 years ago, we at Autodesk chose ShotGrid software as a solution for design production management in the automotive design studio. To learn more about how ShotGrid solves key […]

  • Secrets of the automotive designer elites: Jordan Beckley

    Jordan Beckley works with the Ford training team to create design-specific courses and training in digital software. He is an expert in Autodesk Alias, VRED, Speedform, Gravity Sketch, and Adobe CC applications, specializing in 3D design, modeling, and virtual reality creation and visualization tools. He is also an adjunct professor of 3D visualization and rendering at […]

  • VRED 2021.1 update release

    The VRED 2021 release focused its efforts on Rendering and Collaboration. These two areas are among the most integral to do the work you do, and we believe in keeping you connected and working as efficiently as possible. The 2021 release included the addition of GPU raytracing, a packable VRED scene executable in VRED Go, […]

  • 904e – a masterclass in collaborative digital concept design

    If you want to see industrial design, automotive concepts AND digital rendering all in one place, look no further than the portfolio of award-winning senior designer Mike Turner. I’ve enjoyed a 20 year+ professional relationship with Mike that comes with a high regard for the simplicity and clarity of his designs. It’s been a pleasure […]

  • Autodesk Alias: Subdivisional modeling starter pack

    We are excited to announce a new Autodesk offering: the Alias SubD Starter Pack. This new training offering shows you how to create 3D Subdivision models, represented by NURBS limit surfaces, from your concept sketches. We know that design is all about choices, and this new technology gives you the time and flexibility to explore […]

  • Autodesk Alias / CDN webinar: Alias Class A and Class A migration paths

    On Wednesday July 8, Phil Botley, Steve Cobert  and I (Barry Kimball) hosted another Car Design News webinar, we shared a short class A roadmap, demonstrated some new tools as well as generic best practice advice. We also discuss our suite of training material, migration courses and packages for contractors, suppliers, and OEMs alike. Alias […]

  • A creative digital pipeline with Alias, VRED & ShotGrid

    On Wednesday July 22, Phil Botley, Lukas Fäth and I (Brandon Tasker) hosted another Car Design News webinar, where we shared our vision of a digital pipeline using Autodesk tools. The three of us often talk about our tools independently—we know, and like to share, the individual strengths of Alias, VRED & ShotGrid. But this […]

  • The Holy Grail: GPU realtime raytracing

    Simon Nagel and I have made two Deep Dive videos on our new VRED GPU Ray Tracing technology that we’re really excited to share with you. But rather than just dropping the videos on YouTube, we wanted to give you the story about why we did it and how we got here. The Context I’ve […]

  • Solving common design challenges with ShotGrid

    Autodesk’s Technical Specialist Daniel Wright, also known on YouTube as “Alias Guy,” created an overview video about how ShotGrid can be used in automotive design, and how it can help solve common challenges for users in the studio. Key Focus: Common problems for design teams This video covers the solutions to common problems key personas, […]

  • Ford’s realtime design review in virtual space

    CarDesignNews.com is doing a series on their livestream broadcast about how various design studios are adapting to the global lockdown, finding new and creative solutions in adversity. Their May 21 broadcast showcased Ford’s live design review in virtual space. Ford’s designers have taken hardware and VR setups home (with permission!), so they can design and […]

  • Project Sugarhill: Technical preview 6

    Project Sugarhill from Autodesk is a technical preview of immersive (VR) conceptual design tools. The goal of Project Sugarhill is to allow artists and designers to start their creative process directly in 3D.  Using simple curve, surfacing and sculpting tools users can explore form and shape while being fully immersed alongside their design.  3D sketches and […]

  • Autodesk VRED 2021 Deep Dive – Series 4

    The fourth and last batch of our VRED 2021 Deep Dive videos gets into our ongoing decoupling and modernization projects and we will talk about improvements we have done for our Python API, scripting capabilities and the migration to Python 3. For everyone focusing on data- pipeline integration, we give an in depth view on […]

  • Virtual launch FAQ

    Thank you for reaching out to us with questions about our virtual launch event. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers which you can find below. General Questions How can I find out more information on these new tools and workflows in Alias and VRED? The Autodesk Design Studio […]

  • Porsche Taycan realtime GPU raytracing with VRED 2021

    Autodesk released Realtime GPU Raytracing in VRED 2021. This video shows the quality of Realtime GPU Raytracing in Full Global Illumination while maintaining the variations and complexity of the CAD dataset. Thanks to Porsche to provide us a great Dataset of the Taycan, that helped us to demonstrate the performance, flexibility, and quality of our […]

  • Autodesk Alias 2021 Deep Dive video launch 3

    FASTER SPEED, MORE CONTROL We’re back! The third batch of our Alias 2021 Deep Dive videos gets into features that speed up processes and that gives you more freedom to create as you need to. Increasing speed and control is part of how Alias 2021 is modernizing the design process and workflow. The Retopo tool […]