• Simulation and the future of self-driving cars

    Self-driving cars are going to change many things about our daily lives, and simulation technologies are right at the center of that innovation. When you think “self-driving car,” you probably envision a car mounted with tons of sensors and computers that drives itself down the road. While that is certainly the external picture of the […]

  • How cloud computing will impact automotive safety

    The cloud isn’t just for backing up your phone’s photos or storing work documents, it might soon be used to make driving safer. Modern cars aren’t made like they used to be, they’re connected and they’re filled with technology. The average new vehicle has a state of the art infotainment system with navigation, satellite radio […]

  • From F1 to regular cars: What’s next for the automotive industry

    In the automotive industry, new technology seems to flow from the top down. Groundbreaking concepts for new engines, steering wheels, braking efficiency, much of the new technology we see in our new cars had its root in racing. F1, in particular, is known to be a proving ground for automotive tech, which allows us to […]

  • How 3D printing will change the automotive manufacturing industry

    Featured Image Source: Wikimedia The automotive industry is one of the most primed areas to experience the technological benefits of additive manufacturing. Advances in the overall capability of 3D printing and the additive industry over the last decade have transformed the ways in which cars are designed, developed, and manufactured. The automotive 3D printing market […]

  • SketchBook: Design inspiration with Tobias France

    Tobias France graduated from Cleveland Institute of Art and began his career in Dearborn Michigan with Ford Motor Company, contributing to exterior design projects, including Ford Focus and Ford Fusion. Tobias followed his passion to Japan where he spent six years as a key creative designer on Mazda’s design teams responsible for developing the “Nagare” […]

  • How XR technologies will reshape the design process

    The way that we design is changing, and even more so, the way we interact with software to design is changing too. Augmented reality and virtual reality tech (AR/VR), or XR when joined together, is revolutionizing the way that we look at our creative process. Specifically, XR interfaces give us an easier bridge to cross […]

  • Integrating Fusion 360 generative design into your Alias and VRED workflows

    If you’ve stayed up to date on all things Autodesk recently, you likely know that generative design inside of Fusion 360 is free until December 31st of this year. That means unlimited designs – unlimited potential for you to explore. All of this might sound great for product design engineers, but what about automotive designers? […]

  • Graphic recording with Autodesk SketchBook

      What is Graphic Recording?   Tracey Levasseur lives in Canada and is a Senior Business Analyst with DecisionWorks, Inc. She has a passion for doodling and has incorporated it into her work as an analyst to assist her clients with turning their vision into action through visualization. Learn more about Tracey: Twitter: @TraceyLevasseur LinkedIn: […]

  • A 3D visualization tool for all designers

    Visualizing your design accurately and functionally is one of the biggest challenges that we as engineers face on a daily basis. Bringing concept into reality is no easy task, at least, without the right tools. Often a design doesn’t become real, even to the designers, until it is brought into reality in some light. CAD […]

  • Industrial design: From sketch to concept model

    Saharudin Busri is Head of Industrial Design at MIMOS Berhad in Kuala Lumpur, a company under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia.  He graduated with his MA in Automotive Design with distinction from Coventry University UK.  He has worked as an automotive designer at Proton Malaysia and has received numerous Red Dot Design […]

  • Autodesk VRED supports NVIDIA VRS and HTC VIVE Pro Eye to maximize quality in VR design

    Autodesk VRED Supports NVIDIA VRS and HTC VIVE Pro Eye to Maximize Quality in VR Design Virtual reality (VR) technology is growing rapidly in the automotive industry. Designers want immersive visualizations that can accelerate iterations, saving time and money and improving the final product. For visualizations to be truly immersive, however, they must perform at […]

  • Welcome to the Design Studio blog

    Autodesk makes software for people who make things. And with this blog, we would like to directly communicate with you, our customers and users in the Design Studios. This blog will serve to be your hub for hearing from our product team, learning about product updates, new features and releases, discuss technology trends and of […]