• Autodesk VRED 2021 Deep Dive – Series 3

    New week new content! This week we have released the 3rd series of our VRED Deep Dive videos where we talk about new features and improvements that help to collaborate with clients around the world and colleagues across departments. Our enhancements for VR & VR Collaboration, newly introduced features like VRED Streaming & VRED Go […]

  • ShotGrid and the design studio: Virtual launch

    I wanted to share how easily ShotGrid can solve major challenges for the automotive design studio and give interested customers the confidence to start using ShotGrid today. Enjoy this 10 mins. video from our Virtual Product Launch on April 22 2020. *Note: since this post was published, Autodesk changed the name of the software to […]

  • VRED Core – The newest member of the VRED family

    Our VRED team is excited to announce an additional member of the VRED family. On May 7 2020, Autodesk is launching VRED® Core. This addition to the VRED® portfolio is a flexible, customizable, and scalable VRED® product, particularly for cloud and server-based applications. Its Key Features include: Support of GPU/CPU Raytracing and Clustering VRED Core’s […]

  • Autodesk Alias 2021 Deep Dive video launch 2

    Our second set of Alias 2021 Deep Dive videos gives you a chance to experience our Enhanced History Visualizer tool and explore the connections now possible through our New Dynamo features. These modern updates to Alias 2021 are geared to optimize your outcomes. They also enhance your connectivity: data moves more effortlessly through your workflow […]

  • Autodesk VRED 2021 Deep Dive – Series 2

    This week we have released the 2nd series of our VRED Deep Dive videos where we talk about new features to speed up CGI Workflows, our Rendering Improvements and recently introduced Nvidia GPU accelerated features to reduce the time to render providing the best visual quality. Video 5    Learn about improvements and features like […]

  • Autodesk VRED 2021 Deep Dive video launch

    Starting with VRED 2020 through to VRED 2021 we have released many new features to provide continuously value to you, our VRED users. We have been hard at work creating technical deep dive videos and combined all features by workflows we go through together. Today we release our first series of in total 11 videos […]

  • Autodesk Alias 2021 Deep Dive video launch

    As promised, our team has been hard at work creating technical deep dive videos for you, our Alias 2021 users. Learn about our new Subd Workflow with enhanced Transform Tool and Selection Sets. Explore the fine-tuned and expanded Reference Manager feature set, which now supports “Alias Assemblies.” See how the Subdiv Align To Curve tool […]

  • Tobias France: Automotive sketch to render in SketchBook

    Tobias France of Bias Design is back again with a time lapse of his sketch-to-render journey.  In this video, Tobias demonstrates his process of turning a fun doodle into an elaborate rendering inspired by the GT40 Shelby Daytona Coupe. From cleaning up his sketch, to laying on base colours, adjusting structure, and adding highlights, Tobias […]

  • Virtual launch experience

    The last month has shown us a different side of our Agile Design Studio, as we truly tested our agility to transition a live event into an online live stream. We hope you enjoyed these two great days of updates, insights, and future plans for Alias, VRED, and ShotGrid. Here’s a quick recap: Day 1 […]

  • Automotive design in ShotGrid

    After many years of ShotGrid being the trusted production management platform for Animation, VFX and Games, an increasing number of automotive & product design studios have begun adopting ShotGrid for the problems it helps solve. At Autodesk, we hear from our customers the pain they experience every day. Design files are stored on disk, often […]

  • Next-level immersive design experience with VRED

    User-centered interface design increasingly gains importance in modern mobility- and product designs to provide sophisticated experiences for the end customer. Looking at advanced display technologies and the growing possibilities for human-machine interaction, Autodesk wants to ensure that users are able to create a fully interactive product experience. Therefore, it is more important than ever to […]

  • Virtual product event: What’s new for the Agile Design Studio?  Streaming times added

    Now that the Alias 2021 and VRED 2021 product updates are available, we will host a virtual product event on April 21 and 22, 2020. To hear the latest about Alias, VRED and ShotGrid in the Design Studio, join our online event including live interaction with our product team. Starting April 28, we will begin […]

  • Cloud collaboration with Alias & VRED for virtual working

    In this time of work-arounds and thinking laterally, some people are discovering how Alias and VRED can be used to enable collaborative design reviews and sessions on the Cloud, which is helping when working from their home offices. In the 2019 versions of Alias and VRED, we shipped a suite of tools called ‘Shared Views‘ […]

  • Alias 2021 released!

    Alias 2021 has been released – promising to be one of the most important Alias release for many years, Alias 2021 offers a raft of great new features as well numerous enhancements. In addition, Alias is also celebrating it’s 35th birthday this year (!) – first shown at SIGGRAPH ’85. Alias 2021 is ready for […]

  • Autodesk VRED accelerates design workflows with Nvidia AI denoising and GPU based real-time rendering

      Autodesk VRED accelerates design workflows with AI denoising and real-time rendering, empowering digital decision making in the design studio. The recent VRED 2021 release with RTX-accelerated features like real-time ray tracing, interactive rendering, and AI denoising transforms automotive concept design workflow for artists and designers worldwide.  Real-time ray tracing has a huge impact on […]