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BIM 360 Release Notes

2 months ago

🆕 - Revit Issue Add-in - December 14th, 2020

We are pleased to announce a new application to integrate and visualize BIM 360 issues, with the help of unified issue management, in Autodesk Revit 2020 & 2021: the Revit Issues Add-In for Revit. 


With the Revit Issues Add-in, Revit designers can open, edit, comment on,

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BIM 360 Assets: Public Beta APIs now available!

Today we’re announcing the availability of BIM 360 Assets API as public beta!

BIM 360 Assets API provides read/write access to the data stored in BIM 360 Assets module, which allows you to track your project’s assets and equipment from design to handover. With Assets, you can easily maintain an inventory of jobsite equipment,

Krystian Macek

BIM 360 Cost Management Updates- February 2021

Released Today

BIM 360 Cost Management now includes a set of functionality that enhances usability. Here’s what’s included in the release.

Reports: Current View

Users now have further customisation of budget reports. With this release, reports can be created to reflect the current on screen layout,

Ian Turner

BIM 360 Checklists – New Features Improving Ease of Use

UPDATE: The default assignee feature has been temporarily disabled due to some performance issues that could affect the stability of the checklist service. We can’t confirm yet when it will be available again, but our Product Team is hard at work resolving this issue.


Two new releases will make every day use of checklists faster and more convenient,

Varun Bhardwaj

BIM 360 Checklist Summary Report in Excel


Checklist summary report in XLSX


BIM 360 users generate checklist summary reports for various reasons. Often, there’s a need to use the checklist data for further analysis.

With our new feature of exporting the checklist summary report in XLSX format, users receive a file that can be easily analyzed directly in Microsoft Excel or serve as an input file for other data analytical tools.

Manu Venugopal

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