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BIM 360 Release Notes

Field Management
3 months ago

BIM 360 Checklists: In-Section Signatures

In-Section Signatures in Checklists

Signatures are crucial in validating information on checklists. The new in-section signatures will increase accountability and control of the data in their specific section.When filling out a checklist section, it’s clear for the user if the signature is required to proceed. Users can also type their names and their company.

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BIM 360 Cost Management Updates – November 2021

Released Today!
New Home Page

Displays a calendar view of aggregated dates across the system.

  • Toggle between day and week views.
  • Select the items hyperlink to be directed to the item (permission permitting).
  • Date types that display within the view are controlled by Administrators within Settings.
Ian Turner

Document Management Updates – November 2021

We have several exciting updates around Document Management in November as well as other improvements listed below.

  • Desktop Connector | Right-click to Rename Files
  • Desktop Connector | Non-Conforming File Validation
  • Files | Import/Export of Naming Standard
  • Files | Improvements to ISO File &
Joan Allen

Insight Updates – November 2021

Within the Insight module we had 4 updates this month to the Dashboard tool:

  • Dashboards Permission Changes (going live December 1st)
  • Send Dashboard as Reports
  • Unified Account Level UI Enhancements
  • Additional Partner Cards


Dashboards Permission Changes

On December 1st we are going to be adding the ability for both Project Admins and Account Admins to control viewing of Insight dashboard cards.

Manu Venugopal

BIM 360 Model Coordination – November 2021

The November 2021 release of Model Coordination provides users even more granular control when reviewing clashes with the new Group by property enhancements.


Quickly interrogate your clash data using the new Group by enhancements

When reviewing clashes, users will now be able to group clashes by any property of a clashing object.


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