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BIM 360 Release Notes

Project Management
10 months ago

Adding Meeting Minutes to the BIM 360 Project Management Module!

With the release of Meetings, a new tab, and toolset in the BIM 360 Project Management module, BIM 360 makes meeting management effortless with clear visibility into the commitments made and a centralized history of all meeting records.

With only a few clicks, meeting organizers can create an agenda for an upcoming meeting and add meeting invitees.

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BIM 360 Design Collaboration Update – October 26, 2020

We are continuously working to improve Design Collaboration, streamlining our workflows by removing unnecessary steps in and out of the administrative experience, also in the context downstream workflows with other applications.

With the new feature of Team model coordination administration, we will provide a unified administration experience between Design Collaboration and Model Coordination to project managers and Design Collaboration administrators when creating coordination spaces.


Custom Calculated Budget Columns

Custom Calculated Budget Columns

BIM360 Cost Management now provides Project Admins with the ability to further customise budget columns. Project Admins can now add new budget columns with custom calculations, rename the default columns, and change the display order of the budget columns. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Through the Project Admin Setting,
Ian Turner

Issue to RFI

Issue to RFI

The latest BIM 360 Project Management release allows Project Management Admins and RFI Managers to create an RFI directly from an Issue in BIM 360 Build, streamlining workflows and creating a bi-directional link between records. Here’s how it’s done:

  • On the Web, open an existing issue,
Tomer Rosenthal

Multiple Daily Logs

Often one daily log is not enough to capture all the work that has been done on site. Now field users can submit several daily logs for the same day. Teams covering day shifts and night shifts or different areas of the same jobsite no longer need to take the time to consolidate their work into a single daily log.


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