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BIM 360 Release Notes

about 1 month ago

🆕 - Revit Issue Add-in - December 14th, 2020

We are pleased to announce a new application to integrate and visualize BIM 360 issues, with the help of unified issue management, in Autodesk Revit 2020 & 2021: the Revit Issues Add-In for Revit. 


With the Revit Issues Add-in, Revit designers can open, edit, comment on,

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BIM 360 Cost Management Updates- January 2021

Released Today

BIM 360 Cost Management now includes a set of functionality that enables users to better plan and manage their construction costs. Here’s what’s included in the release.

Method Related Costs: Phase 1 Planning

Method related costs allows users to plan time-based allowances, such as General Conditions,

Ian Turner

BIM 360 Issues – Permissions Update

UPDATE: We have found some bugs related to this update and hence we reverted to the previous issue assignee permissions.
We will turn the update back on once the problems are resolved.


Issue assignee permissions update

Until now, when a user was assigned an issue,

Roy Goldschmidt

BIM 360 Issues – Required Standard Fields

Required standard fields


Making fields required supports better data accuracy. Now, in addition to making custom attributes required, users can make standard fields required as well.

Standard fields include assignee, due date, location, linked document, etc.

As a result of this update, when users create or edit an issue,

Roy Goldschmidt

BIM 360 Checklist Archiving

Archive/restore checklists

Users can archive completed checklists that are no longer in active use. Bulk archiving options are also available to project admins to spend even less time on this task.

Keeping checklist data organized as projects grow now becomes much easier. The active checklist log can show the most relevant checklists while checklists not actively needed can be accessed from the archive.

Varun Bhardwaj

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