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BIM 360 Release Notes

Next Gen BIM 360
3 months ago

BIM 360 Design Collaboration - August 28, 2019

I am pleased to announce the latest set of updates to BIM 360 Design Collaboration.

We thank you all for your comments and feedback and hope these enhancements will help you and your teams when using Design Collaboration. All the enhancements will be live as of today, please try them out,

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BIM 360 Docs Update – August 2019

During the month of August, the BIM 360 team delivered a number of features and enhancements to improve document collaboration, visibility, and control:

  • Document Control
    • File-level Activity Log
    • Document Log – now with custom attributes
    • Set deletion
  • Review and Markup
    • Review workflow report (individual review)
    • New callout markup tools (text with arrow and cloud)
  • Updated Issues feature (ability to re-open and other usability improvements)
  • Other improvements
    • Search results in thumbnail view (in addition to list view)
    • Copy and Move files that are still processing
    • Copy and Move –
Joan Allen

BIM 360 Model Coordination Update – August 12, 2019

The August 12, 2019 update for Model Coordination introduces saved Views.

Saved Views

The latest release of Model Coordination makes it easier to focus coordination activities on a project subset. Views act as a shortcut to a group of models, typically aligning with a project location, which can be shared across project members to aid in multi-disciplinary coordination activities.


BIM 360 Reports – Daily Log, Document Log custom attributes and more

We are pleased to announce the following reporting updates are now available.  

  • Daily Log report
  • Document Log custom properties
  • Issue reports and sub-locations
  • Checklist Detail report signature time stamps
  • Delete saved report templates
  • Submittal Item Detail report comment formatting

Field Management

  • Daily Log Detail report is now available in PDF format. 
Krystian Macek

BIM 360 Field iPad release

We are please to share, the latest BIM 360 Field iPad 4.35 release contains the following improvements:

  • New setting ‘Share Image Quality’ added to BIM 360 Field app settings, allowing user to control image quality when emailing attachments from issues, tasks, equipment and checklists
  • When project setting “Closed checklists cannot be edited or deleted” is enabled,
Krystian Macek

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