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BIM 360 Release Notes

Project Management
8 months ago

Adding Meeting Minutes to the BIM 360 Project Management Module!

With the release of Meetings, a new tab, and toolset in the BIM 360 Project Management module, BIM 360 makes meeting management effortless with clear visibility into the commitments made and a centralized history of all meeting records.

With only a few clicks, meeting organizers can create an agenda for an upcoming meeting and add meeting invitees.

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BIM 360 Docs Search and Filter Enhancements for New Projects – September 23, 2020

With the latest BIM 360 Docs release, new BIM 360 projects have enhanced search and filter features in document management.

In Plans, Projects Files and any sub folders, Docs users may now:

  • Filter to view folders only, documents only, or both
  • Filter by current file versions
  • Search and then filter search results by folders,
Audrey Boguchwal

Reopen Closed RFI

The BIM 360 RFI workflow now supports the ability for Project Management Admins and RFI Managers to reopen closed and distributed RFIs.

How It’s Done:

Step 1: On the Web open a closed RFI, and select the new ‘Reopen RFI’ button. 


Step 2: In the comment field,

Tomer Rosenthal

Navisworks Issues Integration – September 2020 Release Notes

The September 2020 Navisworks Issues update provides a powerful integration with BIM 360 Model Coordination, enabling connected-coordination workflows across desktop and web. BIM 360 Coordinate customers can now use a complimentary workflow and benefit from the best of both solutions – automated clash and ease of use in Model Coordination for discipline/trade self-checking;


BIM 360 Model Coordination – September 2020 Release Notes

The September 2020 Model Coordination update provides additional filters for targeted coordination review. Building on coordination Views, the clash matrix can now be filtered by these pre-defined project subsets. Using Views to load all relevant models into the viewer, you can now choose which models to view clashes between,


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